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Leaking Taps

Leaking taps are among some of the most common call outs that we get at Plumbers R Us. By the time so many of our customers have called us, they’ve often put up with a dripping tap for weeks or even months! There’s simply no need in most cases ­– and we’re here to help you get it sorted.

The team here at Plumbers R Us are certified and insured to handle all sorts of plumbing jobs. Whether it’s a burst pipe on your block, or there’s work to be done in your commercial kitchen, we can get it handled. Leaking taps are usually a quick fix, and won’t typically require any big costs, but even if you need your fittings replaced, we can get that done too.

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At Plumbers R Us, we pride ourselves on being the team to look to for all manner of commercial and domestic plumbing jobs in Perth. We provide prompt, reliable and efficient services to customers at competitive rates.

When it comes to fixing up a leaking tap, we can offer:

  • Leak detection and repair: Our experienced plumbers can inspect and troubleshoot minor leaks, locating the cause of the leak and repairing the issues with the tap and/or pipes.
  • Low water pressure: This issue could stem from a leak, a faulty pressure regulator, or corroded pipes. No matter what the problem may be, we have an effective solution to your plumbing issue.

Sometimes the fix is as simple as a fresh O-ring, other times a new fitting might be needed. But with an experienced set of hands and eyes like those you’ll find with a call to Plumbers R Us, you’ll get the result you need.

Wastage Of Water Due To Leaking Tap

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Dependable Leaking Tap Repair Service In Perth

New Fittings In The Wash Basin

At Plumbers R Us, we don’t charge a call out fee, and you can rely on us to be upfront about what a job is going to cost before we get to work. So, for a prompt, reliable and efficient look at your leaking taps, or anything else you need looked at with your plumbing, give us a call today!

You can reach out to the team at Plumbers R Us by giving us a call at 08 6200 0761 or filling out our contact form.

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