A bidet can take many forms, each one designed to suit a certain configuration of interior space or to complement a certain interior style. For slightly smaller bathrooms, or for bathroom designs of a particular style, the bidet toilet seat could be the ideal choice.

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Looking similar to a standard toilet seat, only with a mounted control and with a bidet attachment fitted below the rim, the bidet toilet seat is a major space saver. This product provides you with all the benefits of a standard bidet, without compromising on interior space.

What Is a Bidet Toilet Seat?

A bidet toilet seat – or toilet bidet – is very similar to a standard bidet and works in the same way. As a result, it provides the same health and hygiene benefits as a traditional bidet.

Just like a toilet seat, the toilet bidet fits over the top of your toilet bowl. Externally, the workings of the bidet are not visible. However, there may be a remote control attached to the side of the toilet, which can be used to adjust the settings of the bidet. A general rule of thumb is that higher end toilet bidet models will have a wider range of features.

The bidet itself is fitted with a small connection just below the rim of the toilet. This connection applies a jet of water in the same way as a standard bidet would. Some models also feature drying capabilities.

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