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Clogged pipes? Call Plumbers R Us

We’ve all been there. Clogged pipes are never fun. Water keeps coming back up, draining takes a longer time than usual, and it sometimes smells a bit too. Blocked pipes are a common occurrence in households. This usually happens when hair, food residue, fat, grease, and other particles get through the sink and stick inside the pipes over time. Content like fatty substances/grease can stick to pipes to such a level that it could block the entire pipe itself.

You could always try cleaning yourself. But it’s a messy process and it often requires professional help.

How hydro jetting can fix blocked pipes

Hydro jetting is where high pressure water is shot through the pipes via a special nozzle with the water pressure hitting at several thousand pounds per square inch (PSI). This helps get rid of most waste particles like soap, grease, calcified deposits and other debris.

More importantly, the process helps identify an appropriate set of actions to take prior to hydro jetting. For example, if there’s a significant tree root that’s causing the pipe blockage starting off with hydro jetting may not be advisable.

Man With Yellow Gloves Fixing a Clogged Pipe With Hydro Jetting

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Your clogged pipes needs expert attention

Man Checking The Clogged Pipe With A Camera For Hydro Jetting

Blocked pipes are best left at the care of professionals. If you’re not careful, a DIY attempt at fixing clogged pipes can cause more problems than fix the existing ones.

Our team at Plumbers R Us have been offering top quality, affordable plumbing services for over 20 years in Western Australia. So, if you’re looking for expert help to fix blocked pipes in your house, then look no further. Call us on (08) 9408 5552 or drop us an email to today.

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