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Drain Repair

The technicians at Plumbers R Us WA Pty Ltd     are trained to repair and maintain drains for any home in Perth. If you have an urgent repair need, we also offer 24/7 emergency repair services. From drain maintenance to repair, we’ll tackle any job.

Your home drainage system is designed to handle a certain volume of waste water, and they can get clogged or backed up for a number of reasons. Toilets and sinks are also susceptible to clogs and backups because of the hair and soap scum that builds up inside the drain lines.

Even minor blockages can quickly become major problems if they aren’t taken care of by a professional plumber. Call Plumbers R Us WA Pty Ltd  for our drain repair service as soon as you notice slow, sluggish or clogged drains. Trying to clear a drain with chemicals can harm your pipes, so avoid putting harsh chemicals in your drain lines.

Man Repairing The Drain Pipe Under The Sink

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Does Your Drain Need Repairing?

Sink In The Kitchen which Needs Repair Due To Blockage In Pipes

The most obvious sign that your drain needs to be repaired is when sewage begins backing up into your basement or yard. But in the event that the damage hasn’t escalated to that point yet, here are a few things to watch out for:

  • Residue rising out of your drain
  • Water not draining from your sinks, toilets and tubs
  • Unpleasant smells coming out of your drains
  • Multiple drains are clogged at the same time
  • Standing water near the sewer line
  • Bubbling sound when flushing the toilet or using the sink

At Plumbers R Us WA Pty Ltd    we only use safe, proven methods of sewer line repair. Our solutions are safe on your pipes, your home, and the environment.Depending on the extent of damage, we may recommend one of the following:

  • Video camera inspection technology is a highly efficient and accurate way of locating the affected area.
  • Mechanical augers may be used to clear blockages farther in the line.
  • Hydrojetting is a powerful method of blasting away years of built up debris to leave your pipe walls like new.
  • Epoxy lining can be used in some cases to fix minor cracks in the pipe.
  • More damaging cracks may require the affected section of piping to be replaced.

Before carrying out any work, we will first assess the problem and make sure our recommendation matches your specific needs. You can always count on an upfront discussion and top-notch solution from your Plumbers R Us WA Pty Ltd  team!

For more information about drain repair and replacement in Perth give the experts at Plumbers R Us WA Pty Ltd  a call today at 08 9408 5552 .

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